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I thought I’d start posting some vacation pictures–whether old or new. This post features pictures from my trip to Madrid. It was my first international trip as an adult–that wasn’t a family vacation–so it will always be memorable to me.

1. Royal Palace of Madrid

2. Jardines de Sabatini

3. Madrid at Night (forget the exact building/location)

4. Santa María la Real de La Almudena

5. Pacha Ibiza Deodorant Body Spray

6. Kinder Bueno White (first time seeing the white version; hard to find in Canada)

I said that I wouldn’t visit the same country twice but Spain is one of the exceptions. I hope to go back for La Tomatina and to visit Ronda, Malaga, Spain. These things are definitely on my bucket list.

The photos above were taken with my iPhone. I cannot wait until my next trip because I have a mirrorless camera now and I’m excited to use it. I like to capture good photographs so I decided to get a better camera. I liked the convenience of the iPhone but wanted an upgrade. The key things that I was looking for in a camera were portability and great low light performance and Sony had exactly what I wanted. I also decided to get a tripod so I’m well equipped for my next vacation.

Explore. Dream. Discover.


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