Geek Out!

iPhone 619

Tod’s in Black Havana.

Getting new glasses is a daunting task for me because I’m so picky, which makes it almost impossible to find the perfect pair. Whenever it’s time for me to get new glasses, I try to get a nice pair to motivate me to wear them more than contacts–work benefits cover most, if not all of the expense, so I keep that in mind. I try to avoid: metal frames because I’ll bend them out of shape; rimless because I’ll crack the lenses; nose pads because I’m too rough when wiping. Considering how many options I browse through in my quest, online shopping was my best choice.

I fell in love with and am so pleased with this Tod’s pair. Looking straight on, they seem to be an everyday pair of glossy black hipster glasses–it’s when you turn to the side that you notice the details. A warm amber/havana interior is complemented by the dark brown acetate temples that have a wood grain-like appearance. I was considering wooden frames but thought acetate or plastic would be more durable, so this worked perfectly. I typically prefer all matte frames but the gloss of the black gives a more polished look.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, go ahead and geek out–let your personality shine through your eyewear.


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